All of the ZP server is almost the same?

So, we want to introduce to you new ZP5.0 Private Mods (ZPPV). All of the extra items are modified version and different from others ZP servers.

Just visit our official page:

ZP5.0 Private Mods.

AMXX Coding

So, you have an Idea for a plugin, but can’t make it? Its alright! I will try to help you. 😉

List of Plugins:

1. [CS] First Blood Reward v4.5

2. [API] CS Core + Reward v4.7

3. [ZP] Premium Member + Gold Member v5.3

4. Weapon War v4.9

5. [ZP] Health Reminder (Nemesis + Sniper + Survivor + Assassin + Bombardier)

6. [ZP] Addon: Advance Invisible v1.0

7. Colorful Admin Message v1.1

List of Tutorials:

1. [TUT] How to Add Health, Class, Ammo Packs etc under The Radar

2. [TUT] How to Give Any Extra Item to Survivor

List of Project:

1. [ZP] Open Project: Teaching Mathematics in CS 1.6

If you want to know more or request any help, just register at our forum. We will do our best to help you to solve your problem:

ZPPV Helper.