Ham log will allow user to log, delete or edit your amateur radio communication. It has user-friendly interface. So, if you love this app, please kindly to donate via email.


1. Log your QSO.

2. Auto or Semi-Auto fill function for the date and time. Just click the “Clock” button once or twice.

3. Log multiple contacts just by using “Next” button function.

4. Now, you can use comma in the comment box.

5. “Set My UTC” function. This data will be used for the “Export ADIF” feature.

6. Edit or replace the saved log.

7. Deleted the saved log.

8. Now, you can choose whether to fully reset the Ham Log or just import the log file.

9. All the log is saved in the HamLog.csv file. Just use your file manager in your phone to find it.

10. “Pop-Up List” for the radio mode.

11. “Find QSO” feature. Its have 3 major button. “Callsign” button which allow user to search via callsign. “Date” button that allow user to search via specific date. Lastly, is “All Dates” button which will list out all the saved dates. So, user just need to choose which date to review all the saved QSO for that date.

12. Auto QTH Locator will tell your latitude and longitude. Yet, it required your phone GPS function to be switched on first.

13. World Time feature is the most complex function provided by this app. With this feature, user can know other time from different places. This feature required user to fill in the coordinates of a country and it required internet connection. List of information provided:

– Local date and time.

– New location name.

– New UTC.

– New date and time.

– Time different.

14. Backup all your datas. Now, you can transfer all the datas from your HamLog app to another phone.

15. Restore your old datas. So before use this feature, you must copy ‘HamLog_Restore.txt‘ file and ‘HamLog.csv‘ file into your new handphone. Please make sure both files is added in the main internal storage of your handphone.

16. Export log in ADIF format.


– To use this feature, you must set your local UTC. Next, you will need to set ‘Start Log‘ number and ‘End Log‘ number. This number, you can get it in you ‘Find Log‘ page.

– HamLog will convert your local time to UTC automatically. However there will be some problem related to date conversion.

– So, in HamLogA.adi, there will be ‘Date Error‘ section which tell you how many date that you need to fix it by yourself.

– HamLog has add clue how to change the data, whether you need to add 1 more day or subtract 1 more day. If the error printed is ‘-Err’, then you will need to subtract. If the error printed ‘+Err’, then you will need to add.


2.6Future Release-Remove permission to access location.
-Removed "Auto Locate" function to detect local UTC.
-Removed "Auto QTH Locator" feature.
-Removed "World Time" feature.
-Separated "Export Page" from "Settings Page".
-Limited "Time" and "Date" function for QSO log.
-Added "Auto Time" sequence for each log when using "Next" button.
-Added current "Log Info" feature.
- Added custom "New Database" feature for individul QSO log.
- Added "Set Database" feature for finding QSO.
- Added "Dupe" feature for each database.
- Added "Auto Date Fix" feature when creating ADIF file.
- Added errors note related to ADIF file in "Export Page".
- Added code to detect UTC and deleted data errors in QSO log.
- Added "Export All" feature for ADIF file.
-Disable user to opt out "Frequency", "Mode", "RX" and "TX" reports.
-Fixed ADIF export problem when try to export only one data.
-Fixed "Saving", "Delete" and "Export" methods.
-Fixed error when change "Mode" in replace function.
-Fixed code with "Multiple Saving" feature.
-Fixed scrollable page feature.
-Update contact us information.
2.5.131 January 2019-Fixed error with view QSO datas.
2.57 December 2018-Added feature to export log as 'Adif' file. Please configure 'Local UTC' to use this feature.
-Added new function to get Year-Month-Day pattern of 'Auto-Date' fill feature. Just long click the 'Time' button at date box to activate or reset.
-Renamed items in 'Settings' page.
-Fixed code with 'Time' set features. Now, it more faster.
-Fixed problem with ListView text size.
-Fixed problem 'Auto QTH' notification.
-Fixed problem with screen size changes when keyboard appears.
-Fixed text font for all text components.
-Fixed error notification.
-Improved datas listing code in 'View Log' page.
-Removed spinner component.
2.428 October 2017-Improve 'Backup File' and 'Restore All' features.
-Improve 'Return' feature. Now, it will remember your choice.
-Remove unnecessary codes.
-Fix minor errors.
2.311 May 2017-Fix minor problem with location sensor. Now, it will not automatically enabled when user start HamLog app.
2.224 January 2017-Fix problem with log feature. Now user can log QSO without fill in the 'End Time' box.
-Now user also can use comma symbol in 'My QTH' and 'Contact QTH' box.
2.114 Dececmber 2016-Fix problem with Run Time error when using 'Backup File' and 'Restore All' features.
-Adding timer to tell the copying and restoring process. During this process, user must wait until it fully complete.
2.011 December 2016-Add 'Copy Coordinate' button.
-Fix problem with 'Back' button at log page.
-Add 'Backup File' button.
-Add 'Restore All' button.
-Add a notification message to rate this app.
1.9.16 August 2016-Fix problem with "24 Hours" time format feature.
1.923 June 2016-Fix problem with "Replace" and "Saving" code.
-Remove unnecessary notifier.
1.822 June 2016-Fix method to delete log.
-Fix method to replace log.
-Fix method to save log.
-Adding "Autosaved" settings feature.
1.721 June 2016-Fix problem with "Find Specific Callsign" feature.
-Fix problem with callsign saving method.
-Fix "Export" button function. Now, this feature will not auto-reset Ham Log.
-Adding "Reset Ham Log" button again. Just use this button to fully reset.
-Adding function for user to use 24 hour format time when using "Auto or Semi-Auto Fill" feature.
-Update method to delete log.
-Update method to replace log.
-Now, user can use comma (,) in comment field.
-Increase the size of comment field.
1.6 13 June 2016-Fix code for label text regarding new AI release update.
-Fix code for timestamps to get the local UTC.
-Fix code for "Auto and Semi-Auto Fill" feature.
-Increase the size of "Remove" and "Replace" button.
-Adding label for "Remove" and "Replace" button.
-New homepage design.
-Add "Auto Locate" function to detect local UTC.
-Add "Find Specific Callsign" feature.
-Add "World Time" feature.
-Add "Auto QTH Locator" feature.
1.514 June 2016-Add safety check when user click "Delete" button.
-Change "Reset" button to "Export" button. When user click this button, log file will be modified so that it will be more easier to view it.
1.45 June 2016-Fix problem with "Multiple Saving" feature.
-Fix problem with saving method.
-Fix problem with "Replace" feature.
1.33 June 2016-Add "Auto and Semi-Auto Fill" feature for date and time. Just tap the clock button once and twice to see the different.
-Add "Popup List Selection" feature for mode.
-Add "Find My UTC" feature.
-Fix minor problem with the previous code.
1.230 May 2016-Add "Multiple Saving" feature.
-Add "View All Dates" feature.
-Increase text size.
1.17 February 2016-Fix problem with "Replace" feature.

Ham log is fully designed by using MIT App Inventor 2. Regards, 9W2ZOW.

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