All of the database is being harvested from MCMC website. If your callsign details is not correct or missing, it is not the fault of MARS app. Please wait for the updated database. I’m sorry.


Malaysian Amateur Radio Station or MARS app listed out 13504 of updated database from MCMC website. Yet, it still allow user to access to 7152 of outdated database that being harvested from MyCallsign app.



1. No internet required after first setup.

2. Auto-detect feature if there is updated database from SKMM website. MARS app will notify user about this update once per year.

3. User will not needed to update the main MARS app to get latest callsign database.

4. White color of text at result page, indicate that the callsign is still active.

5. Yellow color of text at result page, indicate that the callsign is still active, yet it almost expired. The expiry date is within 1 year. It just sign of warning.

6. Red color of text at result page, indicate that the callsign is already expired.


This version will allow user to have unlimited database update and below premium features for RM10 per year:

1. Support multiple devices with one license.

2. Search station callsign using letter without need to enter complete callsign.

3. Search station names using keyword.


2.2.418 July 2021-Reduce icon size.
-Fix list view size.
-Fix update notification.
2.2.318 November 2020-Fix code to check phone android version.
2.2.216 November 2020-Update contact us information.
2.2.112 September 2020-Update target API level requirement.
2.27 June 2020-Add check to allow only user with android version 8 and above to upgrade with paid version.
-Fixed login code.
2.112 January 2020-Fixed premium user account.
-Fixed problem with rating system.
-Reduced app size.
2.021 December 2019- Added premium user account.
- Added search via letter without need to enter full callsign or name.
1.26 February 2019- Added 12851 of updated database.
- Fix auto-detect features.
1.113 December 2018- Internet connection is require for first setup to download the databases.
- Added feature to auto-detect updated databases. This require internet connection.
- MARS app no longer need special permission.

If there is updated database from MCMC, just inform me via email. I will gladly to update this MARS app. This app is develop using MIT App Inventor 2.

Regard, 9W2ZOW.

8 thoughts on “MARS | 9mCallsign

    1. Terima kasih bertanya. Apapun minta maaf sebab setakat hari ini, perisian yang saya gunakan tidak menyokong peranti IOS. Insya-Allah, perancangan akan datang memang ada.

  1. Selepas saya ‘uninstall’ dan ‘install’ semula. Kemudian buat carian semula. Alhamdulillah sudah ada semula. Terima kasih kerana membangunkan aplikasi ini bagi memudahkan pengguna radio amatur untuk carian ‘callSign’. #Terbaik

    1. Waalaikumussalam. Boleh buat bayaran melalui PayPal atau pindahan duit antara bank. Hanya RM10 sekali bayar.

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