This ham contest calendar is using free service provided by Tom, DLNBY. It divided into 4 modes which are CW calendar, Phone calendar, Digital calendar and Mixed calendar. The mixed one contains all those contests which offers several modes such as CW and Phone. It requires internet connection.






In the upper right corner you can switch the views between agenda, month and week. There also is the calendar list. Click on the down-arrow next to the Agenda button to choose the calendars you need. In the upper left corner you find the navigation. Depending on the choosen view you can switch between days, months, weeks and so on.

Click on an entry to see the link to the sponsor’s website. You need another click on ‘more details’ to get the clickable version of the link. Some of the official rules might not be in English though the contest is open to all. Use Google Translate or something like that then. Be aware that Tom, DLNBY have no influence on the content of all these external pages.


1.3.118 July 2021-Add contact us information.
-Reduce image size.
1.318 November 2020-Update target API level requirement.
-Update google calender source.
-Update contact us information.
1.228 November 2018-Remove unnecessary android permissions.
-Fix code with .html file.
1.113 May 2017-Remove unnecessary files.
-Optimize the code.

Ham Contest is fully designed by using Mit App Inventor 2. Regards, 9W2ZOW.

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    1. Hi, Dennis. Thank you for letting me know about the missing contest. Will update the calendar. Regards, 9W2ZOW.

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