Ham Log (Free Version)

First of all welcome to my official website. Today I want to introduce my second android application named “Ham Log”. What is the purpose of this app?

This app is a powrfull tool that allow user to log, delete or edit your amateur radio communication. It has user-friendly interface and many more features. Alright, so after you installed the app in your phone, you will recieve below notification message in your first visit.


Next, below is the main screen of this app. It has text box that need to be filled in. After you filled of the required text box, then just click “Submit” button to save the data. Next, if you want to clear or reset the field, just click “Reset” button.


Next, you also can setting a few thing especially regarding the item that you want to log from your radio communication. Just click “Setting” button at the header of the screen. Then, just uncheck any box that you don’t want. Then, at the bottom of the screen you will notice another “Reset” button. This button is used only after you have safely exported or copied all of your datas that is saved in your phone.

It will show first notice mesage to make sure whether you really want to delete the datas. If yes, just click again the “Reset” button for the second time.

Screenshot_2015-12-20-21-40-10After you save the log, you just need to click “Search” button from the header to retrieve the saved data. Just write the date of that log in the text box provided. Then, click “Search” button the side of the text box to start searching. If the date is already logged into your file, then it will show you list of contacts that you have made on that particular date.


After that, the list will show just simple information about your contact which is their callsign, start and end time of communication. So, just click again the contact that you want to retrieve the full information about it.


After you click the contact, it will bring you to new screen that will show you all of the information that you have logged before this.


Then, at this screen you can do two things. First, deleted this log or edit it. If you want to deleted this save log. Just click “Deleted” button that is represent by file with symbol “X” image. If you want to edit the log, just click the “Edit” button that is represent by pencil with paper image.

Then, just edit any item that you want to edit. Lastly, just click the “Replace” button at the bottom that represent by binocular with arrow image.


Laslty, all of the datas that is logged using this app is saved in file name “HamLog.csv” file. So, if you want to transfer the datas, just find that file in your phone.

So, if you love this app, please kindly to donate to support this free project. If you have any questions or ideas, just comment below.

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