Universiti Terknologi Petronas (UTP)

UTP offers a wide range of engineering and technology programmes at undergraduate and postgraduate levels complemented with a strong focus on Research and Development.  All the programmes are designed with high industry relevance to provide a dynamic learning environment.

The University has three main faculties – Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Geosciences and Petroleum Engineering and Faculty of Science and Information Technology.

Meanwhile, the Department of Management and Humanities provides courses that are aimed at producing well-rounded graduates who will possess not only the latest competencies in Engineering, Science and Technology, but also other qualities such as strong leadership, good behavioral and communication skills, analytical thinking ability, as well as managerial, business and social competencies.

UTP remains committed to the on-going development of its faculty, staff and students.  Armed with a faculty strength of 325 lecturers, including 4 sponsored Professorial Chairs; the University has forged ahead with maintaining its high quality of undergraduate education and innovative research environment.

The University’s student stood at 6999 (undergraduate and postgraduate). The international student community from 55 countries also contributes to the growing globalization of the University’s campus community.




The programme focuses on the application of engineering principles to the design, construction and operation of industrial processing plants that deals with chemicals, petrochemicals, pharmaceutical, semiconductor and food processing.

Students will apply in-depth technical knowledge for problem identification, interpret, evaluate and improve system performance of a plant operation.

This programme will involve areas in design, construction and maintenance of infrastructures including buildings, roads, bridges, dams, water and wastewater treatment plant, oil and gas production facilities.

Courses such as transportation, environmental, geotechnical, structural and wastewater will be expose to the students in providing them with a depth technical competence in any specific civil engineering discipline.



The Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) Electrical & Electronic Engineering programme at Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS emphasises a strong foundation in physics, mathematics, and chemistry, followed by a thorough coverage of basic electrical and electronic engineering courses such as circuit theory, analogue electronics, digital electronics, microprocessor, and signal & systems.

At higher levels, students are exposed to data and computer networking, digital signal processing, VLSI system design, control theory, communication systems, and power electronics.

At the final year, students have the opportunity to major in one of these selected areas of their interest:

1.      Microelectronics

2.      Power Systems Engineering

3.      Communication Systems

4.      Instrumentation and Control

5.      Embedded Systems

The focus of this programme is on the application of engineering principles to the design, development and manufacturing of mechanical devices and systems.

The curriculum will teach the students to be creative and innovative in the design analysis and operation management of mechanical design systems.



The programme is intended to prepare students for the petroleum industry particularly in dealing with drilling, production, reservoir engineering and transportation of oil gas and other subsurface resources.

Later the student will be equip with the knowledge on the exploration and production activities of petroleum at the upstream end of the energy sector.

The focus of this programme is on the exploration phase, its development and production.

The programme curriculum will provide the students with a strong understanding of geology and geophysics in relation to petroleum discovery and exploration and later the students are able to apply this fundamental to solve geosciences related problem.



SPM or equivalent

•       Pass SPM/ SPMV with at least five (5) Credits (Grade C) inclusive of Bahasa Melayu, Bahasa Inggeris, Mathematics, Physic, Chemistry; AND

•       At least Credit (Grade C) in Additional Mathematics.


O-Level or equivalent

•       Pass O-Level with at least five (5) Credits (Grade C) inclusive of Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, AND any two (2) other subjects.


One off registration fee including medical check-up 2,980.00
Tuition fee inclusive hostel accommodation for the whole one-year program 14,607.00
Before Course Registration Charge 2% from the Academic and Annual Fee for one (1) semester
After Course Registration until Add/Drop Period Charge 16% from the Academic and Annual Fee for one (1) semester
After Add/Drop Period Charge 100% from the Academic and Annual Fee for one (1) semester

 Note: All fees are subject to changes (the University reserves the right to change the tuition fees without prior notice).


Tentatively, UTP has 3 intakes per year – i.e : January, May & September.

Application must be made online together with hardcopy submission.

Applicant who is applying for Undergraduate Programme (i.e: application who has Diploma / STPM / Matriculation / Foundation / A-Level / IB or equivalent) MUST use his / her Final Semester Result and MUST fulfill the entry requirements as stated above to be eligible for consideration.

Announcement to invite application will be made at the main page of UTP Website once the online application is open for a particular intake session

Applicant need to submit a fresh new application for each intake session.


  1. Where could we get information about intake and on other admission matters?

Please contact +605 368 8406/ 8153/ 8407/ 8156 or login to UTP website at www.utp.edu.my

  1. What are the entry qualifications for admission into Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS?

Foundation Programme – SPM / O-level or equivalent.

  1. What is the method of application?

Application must be made through on-line application. The on-line application is linked to UTP website (main page).

  1. When is the closing date of application?

For Foundation & Undergraduate Programmes – please refer to the On-line Application portal once it is open.

  1. I have submitted my application. What is the next process?

The submitted on-line application to be printed and send (via postal or own delivery) to Admission Unit, UTP together with a certified true copy of your academic transcript and certificates. Your application will be processed once the above requirements have been fulfilled (detail instruction to submit an application is available at the Application Portal once it is opened).

Shortlisted candidates will be notified through sms and at UTP Website.

6. What are the courses offered in Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS for Foundation/Undergraduate?

ENGINEERING 1.      Chemical Engineering Programme.

2.      Civil Engineering Programme.

3.      Electrical and Electronic Engineering Programme.

4.      Mechanical Engineering Programme.

5.      Petroleum Engineering Programme.

TECHNOLOGY 1.      Petroleum Geoscience Programme.

2.      Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Programme.

3.      Business Information System (BIS) Programme.

  1. How long does it take to complete a programme at UTP?
SPM/ O-level or equivalent qualification Foundation programme – 1 year (3 semesters). Upon successful completion of UTP Foundation Programme, student will continue to the Undergraduate Programme based on the respective course.

Undergraduate Programme:

  • Engineering and Petroleum Geoscience –  4 years (8 semesters)

·        Technology  (ICT/BIS)   – 3 and ½  year (7 semesters)

STPM/ A-level or equivalent qualification Undergraduate Programme:

  • Engineering and Petroleum Geoscience –  4 years (8 semesters)
  • Technology  (ICT/BIS)  – 3 and ½  year (7 semesters)
Diploma or equivalent qualification. Undergraduate Programme:

  • Engineering and Petroleum Geoscience –  subject to credit transfer
  • (maximum of 30 credit hours)
  • Technology  (ICT/BIS) –  subject to credit transfer (maximum of 30 credit hours)

8. When we are supposed to pay the tuition fee?

During registration of new students, student will only be required to pay registration fee of RM2,750.00 and RM230.00 for medical check-up. Student will be given until 2 weeks before the Final Semester Examination to make payment on the remaining tuition fees for the particular semester.

  1. How often do I need to pay the tuition fees and how much do I need to pay each time?

Payment can be made each semester from the beginning of the semester until 2 weeks before the Final Semester Examination. The total tuition fee is based on the number of credit hours registered in the particular semester based on the following calculation:

Foundation RM220/ credit hour with maximum of 19 credit hours per semester.
Undergraduate RM344/ credit hour with maximum of 18 credit hours per semester.
  1. Will there be in campus accommodation available?

Yes. Students will be provided with accommodation for their whole education period in UTP. The cost of accommodation is approximately at RM600/semester for Foundation and RM780/semester for Undergraduate.

  1. Does UTP provide sponsorship?

No. However, UTP may assist the student for application of sponsorship from various sponsoring agencies (government or private organization) through UTP Sponsorship Unit.

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